Print vs Digital

Should you be focusing your marketing efforts on print or digital? That is one of the biggest questions to ask when developing a marketing strategy for a business or product today. It goes without saying you need some sort of online presence but where is the best place to focus your efforts. There are a many questions to ask when developing a cohesive and effective approach to your marketing.

Who is my target market?

What is the most effective way to engage them?

Do I have the resources to successfully manage and maintain a campaign?

Which medium will give the best ROA.

Each medium has it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Printed catalogues can be expensive however research shows people still like retail catalogues (why else would Ikea be spending so much producing them). EDM’s (email marketing) are seemingly cheaper but does it really provide the retention rates, sure you can see the open rate but does that equate to sales. Is a Facebook page really that effective for all business models (some businesses FB pages have grown but sales have decreased?) Once you open the can of worms of… Print vs Digital so many more questions arise.

A combination of print and digital is often the best way to move forward however one thing hasn’t changed… creative and engaging content is the most effective.

Strong engaging creative and quality imagery which is targeted to your market wins every time.