Digital Content – Old School

There is nothing like the warmth of a Polaroid

Digital imagery definitely has it’s advantages no denying that fact (convenience, speed, cost).  However it can lack the warmth and character you can get with film. Polaroids improved on the speed of developing before digital came along by producing instant (not really they took a while to fully develop) prints. Quality was a casualty with Polaroids however it more than makes up with personality and character.

Not the the most practical of mediums around these days and rather expensive it is however a great medium to produce original and unique imagery. Sure you can shoot it digitally and manipulate to create a Polaroid look but it’s not the same. There is nothing like watching the image slowly appear in front of you.

3cre8ive can create digital imagery and content for your website and social media. You may not want old school (or you may), developing concepts and delivery digital content which is eye catching and creative.