Ivy Kids Packaging Design

A recent packaging project completed for IvyKids Natural Heath Products. Australia made, natural products designed as a family featuring a Koala doing various activities reflecting the product. Boxe designs and label designs were produced for all 8 of the 9 products, with just a label for Lysine for beginners. Strong consistent branding with a fun angle targeted at parents with a kid feel. IvyKids Kids Pain & Fever, IvyKids Lysine for beginners, IvyKids Kids Runny noses, IvyKids Baby & Child Immunity Support, IvyKids DHA drops for Kids, Ivykids Clear Noses, IvyKids Kids Chesty Coughs. Two images are missing from this series the IvyKids original Chesty Cough Drops and IvyKids Calcium plus. These illustrations have created a solid foundation for marketing the products and developing strong brand recognition.

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