Goldfish have longer attention spans than humans


Since the year 2000 we have lost 3.75 seconds of our attention span… we now have a shorter attention span than a Goldfish! Shocking and hard to believe but true.

Should we change our online marketing material to reflect the fact that we now only have the attention span of 8.25 seconds. The answer is yes. Long blocks of text just aren’t being read with less time being spent on a web page.

If you have a story to tell targeted imagery is the best way to say it. Imagery including quality, targeted photography and info graphics are more engaging and have a greater reach than text alone.

Please note the animations have been sped-up and are not in real time – you would have clicked away. The year 2000 animation would have taken 12 seconds… attention spans are now only 8.25 seconds. Text has also been kept to a minimum.